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Building Foundbite: Seeding a Social App

Apps that revolve around user generated content and community engagement have a "chicken and egg” problem when they are starting out. Without content they won't keep an audience's attention and without an active community there won't be any new content uploaded. Lessons learnt from other services that cracked this helped us a lot and led us to one of the best product decisions we made.

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Indexing and Searching an Azure SQL database with Azure Search

The project I'm currently working on, SailSys, is a site for sailing clubs to manage race entries, competitors and results. Sailors using the site to enter a race can search for their boat by name, sail number or manufacturer in our extensive database of boats. Our database is hosted on Azure SQL so utilising Azure Search was an easy choice to improve our search result quality.

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Voice Controlled Video with Wistia

As a favour for a friend who runs a video production agency, I recently developed a prototype for a "Choose Your Own Adventure" style video experience which users could watch and control with their voice. Unfortunately the project wasn't commissioned in the end – but it was particularly interesting to work on. Here’s how I went about building the proof of concept.

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Creating and Hosting a Static Angular Site on Netlify

In recent posts I've been walking through the steps I've taken to convert some of my apps and websites to a serverless model to reduce hosting costs using Azure Blob Storage and Azure Functions. After reading about Netlify's recent funding round I decided to try hosting an Angular site using their free service to see what the fuss was about - I wasn't disappointed.

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